Founder of Plogga

Erik Ahlström

Erik Ahlström

Introduced the new word Plogga to the Swedish dictionary! Making environmental heroes all over the world by encouraging picking up the trash

A strong new exercise trend and the start of a new popular movement that is flowing across the country. Plogga stands for; Picking up rubbish and jogging, More and more people have started to open their eyes to the fact that our country is only getting dirtier and dirtier and they want to make an effort.

For several years I have tried to change a behavior that I consider to be a sign of a sick, unhealthy society without respect for each other, namely littering. The solution is super simple, we simply start to Plogga. I take it for granted that you who read the one you dislike littering, 82% of all Swedes think that littering is a problem in our country.

But Plogga is basically a collective name where we want to change the attitude and get everyone to be "Proud Garbage Pickers" you can just as easily do it when you walk, are out with the pram, on the golf course, bike to work, dive outside your bathing place or walk to the shop.

Research has shown that if you go to a sports event and the grandstand is full of rubbish, the spectators are further apart than if the grandstand is clean. Rubbish and graffiti scare and make us distance ourselves from each other. One reason you do not litter is to do as everyone else does. If it is clean, it remains clean, you do not throw the first stone in an environment you appreciate, like and respect.

I am convinced that if young people and students at an early stage learn to understand the value of a clean environment and that it is unsympathetic to throw rubbish, someone else has to pick it up, you have it with you your whole life.

If we learn to care about our immediate environment early in life, there is a good chance that we will also develop a sustainable lifestyle that protects the environment!

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