Do you have an idea that you want to make a business of? Start together! You get free advice from Coompanion before, during, and after the start. We support with advice on financing, law, networks, and possible business models and company forms.

We are Coompanion

because cooperation makes a difference

We at Coompanion are convinced that cooperative values ​​contribute to an equal, democratic and sustainable society. That is why we work to give more people the opportunity to start and run cooperative companies - companies that are developed on the members' own terms, which are owned and governed democratically and safeguard both social, economic, and environmental sustainability.

Coompanion is located all over the country and offers free advice and information to anyone who wants to realize an idea together. Our work results in decent companies - community entrepreneurs, associations that develop local communities, and a variety of ownership models and new business models in the Swedish business community.

We meet people daily with different ideas; often ideas about solving societal challenges, such as climate change or exclusion. People who both want to make money and save the world - at the same time! But just as often, it is the will to run companies together that is the reason for starting cooperatives. It is a model that can change the world - and it does.

Coompanion has a thousand members and 120 employees across the country. For over 30 years we have supported people who started companies together. There have been more than 10,000 companies. We work for many more to be started and for the existing cooperative companies to grow.

Our assignment to the Swedish Agency for Economic and Regional Growth

  • Advice and information needed before, during, and after the start of cooperatives and other similar companies.
  • Stimulate local and regional development work with a focus on entrepreneurship.
  • Develop new activities and methods that can be used in that work.

* Our free advice and information are co-financed by the Swedish Agency for Economic and Regional Growth, together with regional co-financing from, for example, municipalities, regions, or other actors.

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