Announcing Impact Fest One

Joel Baudin

Wed, Sep 1, 2021

I hope you read our recent post on The Defining Decade and our commitment to the Countdown; if not, you find it here. In that, we outline our vision for the coming ten years and what we hope to achieve.

Our commitment is to create a context and a community for impactful innovation to thrive. We want to contribute on a regional level in the High Coast and on a national level to make Sweden a shining example of radical change.

Therefore we are super excited to share that we've scheduled Impact Fest One for liftoff in May of 2022! We invite everyone to join us in Friluftsbyn by the foot of Mount Skuleberget in the High Coast of Sweden!

Why the High Coast

We've deliberately not placed Impact Fest in a larger metropolitan area because we believe that you need to disconnect to connect. We need to come away from the normal and expose ourselves to the wildness that remains. We believe that the best way to learn the importance of beautiful things, such as nature, is that you should experience it. So we urge you to seize this opportunity to experience a world heritage site. Though trust us when we say, this is not a run-of-the-mill nature expedition! Impact Fest is a gathering to inspire change-makers with scalable and global ambitions to improve life on this planet. We've just chosen to place it in a unique location.

Who is it for

Impact Fest is for anyone looking to make positive change. Everyone is welcome—truly.

We will design the festival's content to be around the intersection of technology and human life on this planet. How can we make it better, more sustainable, regenerative, and more enjoyable?

Concretely, we will combine the soft stuff, such as motivation and inspiration distilled from great individuals and examples, with the hard skills needed to execute effective change, such as engineering, software development, design, marketing, operations, and sales.

We believe it's impossible to solve any significant problem without a great team of people. And it's equally unlikely that one individual will possess all skills necessary. With Impact Fest, we wish to offer a place and context for all these skills to meet and collide.

So if you're a doer with a need for change, we believe Impact Fest will be the perfect event for you.

Next steps

We're hard at work planning Impact Fest One, and our goal is to open up sales of early bird tickets in December. Until then, and to ensure that you're first in line, please sign up for our newsletter, and we'll let you know well in advance.

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